Sunday, 30 December 2012

How to get A Cash Advance with Poor Credit

We have all experienced a time in our life when we need a little help to bridge the gap until payday.  Emergency situations with unexpected expenses come up on occasion and we need to deal with them whether we like it or not. The furnace conks out in the middle of winter, the car breaks down, the baby is running a high fever, or some unexpected surprise catches you a little short. When this type of thing happens and your Mother-in-Law isn't feeling very charitable, there are only a few solutions. It can be embarrassing to ask friends or family for help and maybe you don't have the credit or resources to borrow from the bank.

Our cash advance loans aren’t based on credit. We look at your employment history, and how consistent your income is. You write us a post dated cheque for how much you want to borrow (plus fees) and we hold your cheque until you get paid.

Because we don't do a credit check, you are usually qualified for a cash advance from us based on your work history.  Poor credit does not affect you ability to borrow from us.

Short Term Loans from Blue Copper Capital

Due to the nature and interest rates we charge, payday loans should only be used in emergency situations and as a short term solution.  However, we operate a little differently than most cash advance companies. Yes we do lend short term, but we also lend for other purposes and reasons.

One of our specialties is helping an apprentice get set up in their career. Buying tools is an expensive proposition when first starting out so we designed a program to help kick-start your career. In another instance, you may be looking at a dirt bike or a snowmobile for the family; we sit down with you and go over what you want and see what we can do for you.

Cash Advances to Suit Your Needs

You don't need to be in a dire situation to see us about a loan. Whatever your reasons we are willing to talk it over and see what we can do. There have been many circumstances where we've helped clients achieve their goal faster by lending them the money they wanted at the time they needed it. If you are in a bind right now, feel free to call. We keep everything confidential and make you feel comfortable during the process.

Call today; we keep long hours.

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